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The Weight Loss Treatment Five

The Weight Loss Treatment Five.    

     To effectively lose weight and keep it off, there are Five aspects that must be treated.   If only one or two are addressed then the attempt will only partially succeed and long term weight control is not possible.  Almost everyone only uses Three of less of these factors.
     What are the Five Factors required to lose weight permanently? 
1.  Dietary Change
2.  Physical Activity
3.  Metabolic Balance
4.  Hormone Balance
5.  Psychological Adjustment
     As you can tell, most people focus on only number 1 or 2 and sometimes both of those together.  In order to uncover and correct metabolic problems, a knowledgeable physician or health care provider is required.   The same is true for Hormone Balance.  To adjust our thinking and treat number 5 requires a plan to change our behavior and cognitive processes regarding food.
     Dietary Change:  Nobody wants to reduce food intake or the type of foods that they prefer to eat.  We will all change our eating habits for a short time in an attempt to drop excess pounds.  Unfortunately, most people go right back to their old eating habits once a satisfactory amount of weight is lost.  This is futile.  A new pattern of eating must be established.  A new pattern that gives adequate taste, satisfaction, and satiety without providing excess calories.  The eating change must incorporate both a slight change in the actual foods ingested and the portion of food eaten.
     Physical Activity:  The natural human state is to be lazy and sedentary, even though our bodies were built to move.  To increase movement and physical activity requires a plan and a schedule.  If we start out too fast, we will stop due to aches and pains from early overuse.  Physical activity must be started gradually and increased slowly over time to allow the body to adjust and condition itself.  If done properly, strength, stamina, fat burning  capacity, and overall health and wellbeing can be achieved.
     Metabolic Balance:   The genetically driven ability to process glucose, fats, and our fuel properly can spiral out of control.  Eating a high sugar or high fat diet can stress the body and flood our energy producing factories called the mitochondria to become over taxed.  The excess fuel is then converted to fat and also negatively effects our blood flow and the exchange of vital nutrients with our cells and tissues.
Too much fuel for our car or our body will cause the engine to malfunction and become less efficient.  In our body, our metabolic functions suffer leading to disease states like Metabolic Syndrome, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Lipid disorders, and high inflammation levels which will lead to other diseases.
     It is important to note that one of the main drivers of a severe reaction and possible death from COVID 19 has been found to involve Obesity and Overweight Syndrome.  These underlying disease processes allow the COVID infection to take advantage our already inflamed state.  This tells us that the unhealthy state of excess body fat is a precursor to other illnesses and puts us at high risk for a bad outcome due to viruses, bacterial infections, surgery, and many other common ailments.
     Hormone Balance:   Even proper diet, exercise, and great psychology will fail to improve weight loss if there is a hormone balance issue.  Evaluating the thyroid, the adrenal glands, insulin levels, estradiol, testosterone, and other hormones can pinpoint a specific road block to burning off the excess fat.  Having these measured and corrected when out of balance can make a dramatic difference in getting lean and healthy.
     Psychological Adjustment:   We have a mental relationship with food.  The way we think is the primary influencer in how we eat, how we control our body, and how we are able to lose weight.  If we change our thinking, we can change our weight.  If we change our weight, we can change our lives.  This change will be for the better.  A plan to help us recognize psychological issue and to then correct them is a must.  Without changing our thinking about food, exercise, diet, and health, no program will work long term.  We use a verified Cognitive/Behavioral program to assist patients to change their weight loss thinking.
     If you've struggled with this weight loss dilemma, then it's time to take a comprehensive approach to the problem.   Dieting alone won't work.  Exercise in itself wont work.  Approaching any of these five factors without the others will only lead to short term gain and long term resistance to getting fit and lean.
Work on this disorder by incorporating all 5 treatment modalities and you can crush this disease and frustration forever.
Dr. Gregory Oliver Dr. Gregory Oliver has practiced family medicine for 35 years. He has assisted thousands of patients to become healthier and combat illness and disease. He believes that prevention of disease is the key to a long and active life. In recent years, Dr. Oliver has focused on prevention of disease and weight reduction to achieve optimal health. The disease of Obesity and Overweight Syndrome is responsible for so many other medical disorders and a shorter life, and can be treated, managed, and put into remission with focus on 5 key treatment areas. Dr. Oliver is glad to provide weekly information to help you improve your health.

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