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Whether you need an annual check-up or have an illness or acute injury, Dr. Gregory A. Oliver performs a thorough physical examination to diagnose and treat any potential problems. A yearly exam provides a regular time and place to share your health concerns with Dr. Oliver and his caring, compassionate team of experts at Oliver Family Healthcare in Indianapolis, Indiana. To receive the kind of focused, whole-person healthcare the Oliver team members give their own families, call for an urgent same-day appointment or schedule your examination online.

Physical Examination

Do I need a physical examination?

An annual physical examination is a critical part of preventive care. This visit provides a safe and supportive setting to address your physical concerns and is your opportunity to ensure that your body is performing optimally.

When you’re injured or ill, physical examinations allow Dr. Oliver and his team to identify any possible contributing factors and underlying causes. Expect them to treat you as a whole person and acknowledge the interplay between body, mind, and spirit.

What happens in a physical examination?

Factors like sex, age, and medical history guide your physical examination. Dr. Oliver and his team may:

  • Take your medical and family history
  • Take blood and urine for testing
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Listen to your heart, lungs, and abdomen
  • Palpate your abdomen
  • Examine your neck, tonsils, and head
  • Test your nerves, reflexes, and balance
  • Examine and move your joints

Dr. Oliver and his team also note your general appearance and check for cancer by palpating and examining the penis and testes in men and conducting breast and pelvic exams in women.

Your mood is also relevant; being depressed, for instance, could be a sign of an underlying physical disorder or may be contributing to a current health problem.

Can I get screening tests during my physical examination?

The modern facility at Oliver Family Healthcare features X-rays, EKGs, and other state-of-the-art diagnostic options on site. You can be screened for:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast, colon, prostate, or testicular cancer
  • Cervical cancer (Pap smear)
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Breathing disorders

What kinds of treatments can an osteopath perform?

As an osteopath, Dr. Oliver performs the same kinds of diagnostics and treatments as a general practitioner. Additionally, osteopaths take a holistic approach to health, creating a state where your body can heal itself.

The types traditional and osteopathic care you can receive at Oliver Family Healthcare include:

  • Preventive care, including immunizations
  • Treatments for hoarseness and breathing problems
  • Treatments for chronic conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure
  • Osteopathic manipulation and joint injections
  • Treatments for strains, sprains, and fractures
  • Wound treatment (including stitches) and removal of skin lesions (warts, moles, etc.)
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement
  • Weight-loss

Oliver Family Healthcare also features an on-site pharmacy to fulfill your prescriptions.

When you need a physical examination for work, camp, school, or your annual check-up contact Dr. Oliver’s team by phone or with the online form.

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