Self Talk

      We talk to ourselves all the time. We do it so much we don't even think about it. We make comments to ourselves about our daily activities.  We ask ourselves questions and generally hold conversations with ourselves all day long.  We have the ability to control this conversation.  It is critically important to our self worth and our ability to accomplish what we want.  In fact, with the right self talk, we can get ourselves to accomplish almost anything.
     There is positive self talk and negative self talk.  The negative type is what most people say to themselves consistently.  It lowers our self esteem and gets in the way of us doing great things.  Positive self talk encourages us and plants great ideas into our heads for us to act on.  Studies over the years confirm that what we think about is what we do and become.
     I'm not suggesting that we go around all day saying positive incantations, although that can be a good place to start if you don't know what good things to say to yourself.  Some people call our thinking process, self talk.  We translate what we are thinking about into silent language in our head. It's a bit like this.  When we spend time with someone, we begin to think like they think. It's because our brain is hearing their thoughts, opinions, and observations.  We spend the most time with ourselves so what we think about and say to ourselves has the greatest influence on our lives.
     Look for yourself doing good things and make a positive comment about it in your mind.  Praise yourself for working hard, being nice, eating well, exercising, and all positive actions you take. Avoid criticism and belittling yourself.  Never say things in your mind like..."I'm stupid, I'm slow, I'm too old, I'm too young, I'm too fat, I'm poor, or I'm lazy".  Said enough, you will take on that persona.
    Tell yourself that you like yourself.  Do it often.  Compliment yourself.  "I look nice, I work hard, I am smart, I am kind" and all kinds of positive things you know about yourself.  It's OK to toot your own horn. This builds confidence and not arrogance.  Arrogance comes from over promoting things about yourself that aren't true. Confidence is the projection of your belief in yourself regarding things that are real and true about yourself.
     How do I begin. Just take charge of the conversation in your head and tell yourself,  " I like myself", "Do a great job", "I am kind", "I was awesome" and "Was that me that accomplished that? You bet it was".  You'll come up with positive statements that reflect the new view of yourself.  Try them on and get used to saying them. You'll become the best person you can be when you are the one guiding and directing your inner voice.
     One more thing:  No one even knows that you're doing this!
Dr. Gregory Oliver Dr. Gregory Oliver has practiced family medicine for 35 years. He has assisted thousands of patients to become healthier and combat illness and disease. He believes that prevention of disease is the key to a long and active life. In recent years, Dr. Oliver has focused on prevention of disease and weight reduction to achieve optimal health. The disease of Obesity and Overweight Syndrome is responsible for so many other medical disorders and a shorter life, and can be treated, managed, and put into remission with focus on 5 key treatment areas. Dr. Oliver is glad to provide weekly information to help you improve your health.

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