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New Year - New You!

New Year - New You!

     Everyone is getting excited for the upcoming Holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas and a host of other religious and family events are just around the corner.  We get so focused on these favorite times of the year that we don't think about our future.  I think this is the best time to prepare for the upcoming year and what we want to accomplish during it.
     Not only is this the end of the year, it is the end of a decade.  We will begin 2020 and with pun intended, we should have a clear vision of our future.  When it comes to health, wellness, and a lean fit body, now is the time to begin to develop a plan.  Some call it a goal, others a resolution, and others, a focus.  I like to sit quietly several times between now and the years end and write down what I plan to accomplish in the upcoming year and beyond.
     I go a step further than most people and I attend a weekend annual goals retreat every January.  This helps a lot but is not required.  What is needed is a clear, concise, set of goals and a written plan on how to achieve them.  The plan must be worked day in and day out throughout the new year.  An example might be:
   It is July 1, 2020 and I weigh ______.
   My plan is as follows:  1.  Eat 1200 calories daily
                                    2.  Reduce Carbohydrates by 50%
                                    3.  Exercise to sweat production 3 x weekly
                                    4.  Get 8 hours of sleep
                                    5.  Avoid or reduce stress
                                    6.  Rework my psychology regarding eating
There are other things I do.  After I have my basic plan down, I drill deeper and plan the specifics for each day.  What I will eat and when.  What my physical activity is and when.  I track water intake, sleep, etc.  
     Many people will say, this seems too complicated.  Well, how complicated is being overweight and all the risks and future diseases that go along with that.
Anything worth while is worth doing right.  Anything worth while is worth writing or journaling about.  Take the time to set up your goals and plans between now and the new year.  Refine and review your plan in January and continue to review and modify them throughout the new year until you find the right path to your lean body.
     We are talking about your health, your well-being, and your life.  I think the ability to live a long and energetic life is well worth the time and effort to plan for it.  A well known college coach once said, " The will to win is not as important as the will to plan to win!".  Let's put time and effort into planning to win in 2020.  Our plan will include a better body, greater fitness, improved health and we can extend our plan to our work, family life, faith, finances, and anything that is important to us.  Set goals in these areas and design a specific action plan to get you to the end result you want.
     Now is the time to plan and think about the future.  No matter what we do now, 2021 will come in another year.  Will you be excited and happy that you set and achieved your goals in 2020, or will you regret that you are in the same position you are in right now.  We have the choice and we have the tools. We just have to take the action.  The time is now, and as a friend of mine says, "Live this life as if it were your last!"
Dr. Gregory Oliver Dr. Gregory Oliver has practiced family medicine for 35 years. He has assisted thousands of patients to become healthier and combat illness and disease. He believes that prevention of disease is the key to a long and active life. In recent years, Dr. Oliver has focused on prevention of disease and weight reduction to achieve optimal health. The disease of Obesity and Overweight Syndrome is responsible for so many other medical disorders and a shorter life, and can be treated, managed, and put into remission with focus on 5 key treatment areas. Dr. Oliver is glad to provide weekly information to help you improve your health.

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