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     We are born to win.  Born to grow.  Born to Achieve.  Now, that doesn't mean that everyone does.  I just said we all were born with the potential to move forward, learn, develop, and do good, if not great things.  It doesn't matter what area of our life we are talking about.  Unless we have a specific brain limiting disorder, we all have the capacity to learn and become more educated.  Though we may not have the physical parameters or capacity to be top notch athletes, we all have the ability to improve our body's mechanical and physical capacity.
     We can also learn new skills and apply them for gainful employment or to help others.  We can improve our financial status in life with time, persistence, and hard work.  We can learn how to get along with others and develop, grow, and nurture relationships with others.  There is nothing that we can't strive to accomplish if we set our minds to it and take action in that direction and keep at it until we get there.
     When it comes to our health, we can take charge of it and be the ones in control of it.  It doesn't matter what genetic roll of the dice we get.  Sure, if we got the fat genes, or the diabetes genes, or the heart attack genes, it may be a more difficult road, but it is still within our power to act and become as fit and healthy as possible.  With the right knowledge, plan, action, and persistence, any of us can have a healthy body and a more clear mind.
     I know this may sound simple and easy.  It is not.  Most of my patients and myself included have a genetic predisposition to gain weight, eat more than we need, and struggle physically and mentally to get lean and stay lean.  That doesn't mean it can't be done. It means we have more work to do than some and that we must learn to stay focused or trained to become focused daily for the duration of our lives.
     Carrying extra body fat and having a BMI of 35 has been shown to shorten the life of women by 6 years and men by 8 years.  This would seem to be the  incentive anyone would need to drop the weight, but it is more complex than that.  It should however be adequate incentive to learn more, get help, and take action to move in the right direction.
     Giving up is not an option.  Giving up will just lead to greater weight gain and progressively poorer health.  The downward cycle will lead to a place that may be nearly impossible to return from .  Giving up on your health means you are giving up on those that care about you or depend on you.  Your spouse, your kids, your grand kids, your friends, your co-workers, all need you to be your best and to live as long and full as possible.
     We must do this for ourselves, but we are also doing it for those around us. Setting the example that we can beat the genetic hand we were dealt and that we will never give up or give in will leave a powerful ripple in the lives of others.  Many of my successful weight loss patients don't even realize the positive impact they've had not only in their own life but in the lives of many that pass their way.
     Achievement of the worthy goal of getting lean, fit, and healthy will give you the energy, stamina, and desire to live your life to the fullest.  It will also rub off on many others who may be struggling with the same disorder of overweight or obesity. Achievement of this goal will also allow improvement and victory in other areas of your life.  When we win at one thing, we are more likely to win at other things.  Our confidence goes up and our efforts increase.
    Start the achievement cycle today and work your treatment plan to get the leaner, more fit body that will carry you to victory throughout the remainder of your long and happy life.  
Dr. Gregory Oliver Dr. Gregory Oliver has practiced family medicine for 35 years. He has assisted thousands of patients to become healthier and combat illness and disease. He believes that prevention of disease is the key to a long and active life. In recent years, Dr. Oliver has focused on prevention of disease and weight reduction to achieve optimal health. The disease of Obesity and Overweight Syndrome is responsible for so many other medical disorders and a shorter life, and can be treated, managed, and put into remission with focus on 5 key treatment areas. Dr. Oliver is glad to provide weekly information to help you improve your health.

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