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A Doctor's Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

A Doctor's Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

     Are you a person who needs and wants to lose weight?  If you are and you're like me, you have most likely tried dozens of diet plans, many exercise plans, had trainers, taken supplements, lost some weight, re-gained the weight and repeated the process over and over again.  You may have lost a significant amount of weight at one time and then slowly put it back on.  As you've aged, the problem has gotten more difficult to deal with. 
     You keep an eye out for the next new diet plan, as if the only reason this hasn't worked for you is because you haven't had the right eating plan.  You wonder if the headlines of the grocery store check out magazines could be true:  "Some Famous Person Lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks" or "Miracle diet found in New Zealand."  What if it's true.  Maybe I'll open it up while I'm waiting in line and see if I can find the secret.  There must be a secret that I'm unaware of.
     Well, there is a secret.  In fact there are 3 secrets.  They are really not secrets as the data and science is out there, but one would need medical knowledge and to condense this information to find out what the "Secrets" are.  Why don't I just tell you what they are and save you the time and effort to go looking.  By the way, you won't find them in the newstand rag.  That's where updates on alien creatures are found.
     SECRET #1
Until a person realizes that they are up against a disease process, they will continue to fail.  In fact, only 3% of people who lose significant weight (over 30 pounds) keep it off over 5 years.  That's pretty dismal.  It's because the disease doesn't go away.  This disease has a genetic basis and has been passed down for hundreds of generations.  The disease has only manifested greatly over the past 60 years however.
     If you had the disease of High Blood Pressure, you wouldn't find it's cure on some late night TV infomercial or given to you by a well-meaning friend.  In fact, there would be no cure for the disease, but it could be treated and managed to prevent damage to your body.  The same is true of Diabetes.  There is no cure, but it can be put into remission with normal blood sugars and the elimination of it's devastating effects over time.  It can be treated and managed.
     Obesity and Overweight Syndrome is no different.  It is a genetically based disease.  It can be treated, managed, and put into remission.  As with all diseases, there are mild cases and severe cases, and many case types in between.  If you have a mild form, it may be treated and controlled fairly easily.  If you have a severe case, it may take aggressive and long term treatment to get under control.   
     Before we can treat it and get it under control and even put it in remission, we must accept the fact that it is a disease and not something that making a short term dietary change will resolve.  If it is too much to consider that a disease is the cause of your weight problem, you will be destined to move from one diet trend to another, try countless supplements, and join gym after gym with trainer after trainer.
     Don't misunderstand me.  Part of the treatment involves dietary change, physical activity, and other lifestyle changes, but the answer is not found in these alone.  Uncovering subtle metabolic, hormonal, and psychological factors are key to designing a treatment plan.
Once a proper treatment plan is established, the true work begins.  Just like any disease, constant effort, ongoing monitoring, and adjustment of therapy are important.
     If you're chronically overweight and losing the battle, you have a Disease.  Time to Treat.
     SECRET #2
Adding to SECRET #1, we must understand that the disorder is found in genetics, metabolic dysfunction, and hormonal abnormalities.    Our ancestors needed to make fat to survive.  This survival mechanism of our body was developed as food was not easily obtained and almost all of our energy was expended to find it.  When we found food, we ate all of it and built fat reserves to give us energy until our next meal.   Without the ability to readily make fat, we would have died off.
     We still have this genetic survival mechanism in our twenty-first century bodies.  The problem now is that we expend nearly zero energy to find food.  A drive to the grocery or pulling up to a drive through, or having someone deliver food to our door replaced chasing, climbing, digging, killing, and dragging our food home.  Even in the early twentieth century most people still hunted, farmed, and performed physical labor to be able to eat and feed their family.
     Next,  science has allowed the easy processing of our food and has condensed calories into high energy packages that we can fit between our fingers.   We can easily consume 2000 calories at a fast food restaurant and expend near zero calories of energy to do it.  We are eating calorie dense foods that are high in fat and sugar.  Our body cannot utilize the high calories for energy so it puts the calories into storage, body fat, for later use.  It will not be used later as we will eat again within a few hours and most likely get excess calories again.
     Our metabolic function is slowly strained by the high input, low output situation and our ability to process these calories effectively is lost.  We develop abnormal levels of blood fats and blood sugars and put our body's metabolism to the test which over time will fail.  Substances are produced in our body to combat this assault but in many cases the body's fight with our excess fat production becomes toxic in itself.  High levels of inflammation develop and we become tired, weak, and eventually sick from our low energy high consumption state.
     As we produce these abnormal fat levels our hormonal system goes to war with the onslaught against our body.  Insulin levels shoot up, glucagon levels bottom out, cortisol levels rise to deal with the chemical stress, and other hormones like estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, get held up in fat tissue and are unable to perform their needed functions.  Our endocrine (hormone system) begins to lose ground and we become more tired and weak yet our appetite is increased by some of these same metabolic and hormonal abnormalities.  We begin to spiral out of control.
     Without treatment, this cycle over time leads to Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Arterial Disease, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, and an increased risk of Cancer.  Our Immune system becomes strained and can no longer effectively fight off viruses and bacteria.  The stress and strain of excess weight overloads our muscles and joints and eventually our movement can all but stop.
     The Metabolic and Hormonal abnormalities can be treated and reversed.  The longer one waits to treat, the more difficult it is to reverse the disorder.  It's never too late and treatment can work for anyone.  As before, these hormonal and metabolic function abnormalities cannot be treated with a quick diet or a supplement pill or gummi.  
     If you're chronically overweight and have struggled. these metabolic and hormonal dysfunctions must be addressed and treated.
     SECRET #3
We often think our weight problem is due to a lack of willpower or discipline.  That's not correct.  We also believe that if we just lose the pounds one time our issue will be resolved forever.  That's not correct. 
     I know that it is not comforting to think that being overweight is a disease and that it requires lifetime treatment and effort.  I wish it was a more simple process.  Over time we develop our psychology.  Our psychology is how we think.  Because the medical community has really not treated weight problems but only chastised patients who were overweight, we thought "this is all my fault".  We also thought that it must not be a medical, metabolic, or hormonal problem because my doctor doesn't want to deal with it other than to tell me to lose weight.
     By thinking this was our fault, we failed to recognize that it was a disease.  The genetics were out of our control, but our ability to change our metabolic function and our hormonal function and our psychological function is well within our power.   We also now know that if we change our weight and our lifestyle, we can turn down the message from our "fat genes".
     Over time we developed wrong thinking.  We also developed some abnormal thinking patterns.  When it comes to weight issues, there are six specific psychological patterns that can prevent us from getting control of our body and moving toward remission of the disease.  These six patterns are:
Inner Control
Discomfort of Dieting
Stress Eating
Secondary Gain and 
     By screening and providing Cognitive / Behavioral Therapy to our patients, these thought patterns that keep us from breaking out of our current eating and activity ruts can be broken and replaced by healthy thinking.   If we can't change our thinking, we can't change our weight.  When I first see patients in our clinic, many think that a simple diet and a pill to suppress appetite will be the answer to their weight problem.  Of course that is wrong and part of my job is to educate and convince them that this is a long term medical disorder that requires a Five Factor Treatment Approach.
     The patients that accept and dedicate themselves to the full treatment plan do amazingly well both in the short term and in the long run.  Those looking for a new quick fix and are unwilling to change their thinking wash out of our treatment program just like they washed out of every commercial plan they attempted.  Over time they begin to blame the diets, the staff, the plan, or the program.  The real answer to this is within ourselves.  It's within our brain and our thoughts.
     These SECRETS are the answer to a lifetime of a thinner body, full of energy, and able to perform at a level you want to perform at.  There are specific treatments needed to reverse the disease of Obesity and Overweight Syndrome.  These treatments consist of Five Areas.
Nutrition Changes
Physical Activity Changes
Metabolic Correction
Hormonal Optimization
Psychological Adjustment
     Once a treatment plan is formulated and undertaken, weight reduction is rapid and sustainable.  Long term habits are developed that allow for a lifetime keeping this disease in remission.  
Understand these SECRETS and you will understand why you have not been able to keep the weight off.  Accept the treatment and long term management of the disease and you will live a life of health and energy.
Dr. Gregory Oliver Dr. Gregory Oliver has practiced family medicine for 35 years. He has assisted thousands of patients to become healthier and combat illness and disease. He believes that prevention of disease is the key to a long and active life. In recent years, Dr. Oliver has focused on prevention of disease and weight reduction to achieve optimal health. The disease of Obesity and Overweight Syndrome is responsible for so many other medical disorders and a shorter life, and can be treated, managed, and put into remission with focus on 5 key treatment areas. Dr. Oliver is glad to provide weekly information to help you improve your health.

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